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Hungant Economic S.R.L

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   Transylvania has an almost 200-year tradition in leather gloves manufacturing. Records indicate that glove-making started at the beginning of the 19th century when the Ranko( German)  family built a factory of European renown here. After World War II the nationalized leather gloves factory became of global importance. After the privatization of 1995 Hungant Ltd was founded by a group of experienced and enthusiastic professionals.

  Have you known that Hungant can make any kind of leather gloves from all kinds of leather types, colors, styles, using all kinds of sewing and linings? And if you dream of special leather gloves, just let us know, and we will make your dream come true.

   It has been a long road from a raw piece of leather, to a pair of gloves.

   The first step is to choose a great piece of leather than the Master gives the material a decent stretching. If the proper elasticity is not given to the glove than the gloves will not have a proper fit.

   Leather’s elasticity must be constantly tested, in order to perform more handwork techniques, giving the gloves the perfect fit. From the traditional technology we kept the most important element: the hand tailoring of our gloves.

   The crucial step is to select the perfect leather.

   After the stretching process, the Master begins his cutting work.  Cutting process is one of  the most important stage which determines how the gloves will fit. 

   After cutting, The gloves are going to be designed, followed by sewing, lining and ironing. 

   Our experienced professionals shape the leather with the utmost care, so the results are

high quality comfortable leather gloves. 

   Traditional techniques allows the gloves to be made with great amount of precision that gives them a long lasting structure.

  The last stage of the process will make your gloves look amazing. A worker is in charge of inspecting each pair of gloves for defect.

  We hope you will love the high quality hand made Hungant gloves, which were crafted  with love and care, wishing you to wear the hell out of them and  returning to us for a new pair.

Company Name : Hungant Economic SRL

Street: Strada de sus 220

City : Corunca

Postcode :547367


CUI: 41928078