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Carpincho leather gloves.

Carpincho leather gloves

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  1. Fingerless Leather Gloves

    Fingerless Leather Gloves

    80,00 €

    Fingerless Leather Gloves  The gloves are made of carpincho leather. The Italian call it also peccary, it is very similar to the peccary leather. These are suede gloves, palm padded, with amazing polka dots. The gloves have perfect look, amazing softness and they are high quality. Learn mehr

  2. Women's Carpincho Driving Gloves By Hungant

    Women's Carpincho Driving...

    90,00 €

    Women's Carpincho Leather Gloves : the palm it is made of the famous carpincho leather and the top of the gloves it is made of 100% cotton. These gloves are perfect for all season for driving. The Carpincho Leather is one of the most expensive leather in the world and it is renowned not only for the butterfly softness, but also for the long durability and... Learn mehr

  3. Women's Carpincho Wild Leather Gloves Red

    Women's Carpincho Wild Leather...

    93,00 €

    Youtube Video : Carpincho wild leather is similar to Peccary leather but much rarer. The leather has an incredible softness. Different stitching makes it more awesome. The gloves are lined with cashmere lining hand sewn and hand tailored. The gloves have a vent opening on the palm and have a three point hand sewn decorative... Learn mehr

  4. Women's Driving Gloves Carpincho Wild Leather Beige

    Women's Driving Gloves Carpincho...

    90,00 €

    Women's driving gloves made of Carpincho suede.Top of the glove is made of crochet and pal made of carpincho leather. Learn mehr

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