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Lined leather gloves

Women lined leather gloves with cashmere lining or rabbit fur in all colors.

Lined leather gloves

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  1. Women's Yellow Winter Leather Gloves

    Women's Yellow Winter Leather...

    55,00 €

    Yellow Leather Gloves These are fashion gloves for women. The gloves are made of very soft lambskin leather, sure they are high quality and has a perfect look, they are lined with silk lining. Learn mehr

  2. Women's Winter Leather Gloves Silk Lined Black

    Women's Winter Leather Gloves...

    58,00 €

    Lined Leather Gloves Black New women's silk lined leather gloves. The gloves are lined with silk lining and the length of the gloves it is between the wrist and elbow. The gloves are made of soft lambskin leather, it is new and high quality. Learn mehr

  3. Women's winter luxury leather gloves By Hungant

    Women's winter luxury leather...

    65,00 €

    These deerskin gloves are not only renown  for the long durability and the perfect look , it will keep your hand very warm in the cold season. As you can see in the palm is a belt from which you can close the vent from the palm. The different stitching and piping color make these gloves a very elegant winter accessory. Learn mehr

  4. Women's Cashmere lined Winter Gloves by Hugant

    Women's Cashmere lined Winter...

    60,00 €

    Cashmere lined elegant women's luxury leather gloves. It is made of  very soft Italian lambskin leather with high quality. The different piping color give this glove a perfect look. Learn mehr

  5. Women's Winter Fashion Leather Gloves by Hungant

    Women's Winter Fashion Leather...

    55,00 €

    Winter Fashion Leather Gloves for Women Elegant women's winter leather gloves. This glove it is from our new collection and it is super soft with a perfect look and high quality. The gloves are lined with cashmere lining and it is made of lambskin leather . For other desired colors just contact us. We have all colors. Learn mehr

  6. New Women's Winter Deerskin Winter Leather Gloves with Cashmere lining By Hungant

    New Women's Winter Deerskin...

    60,00 €

    Cashmere lined deerskin winter leather gloves for Women. The gloves are sewn with different thread color, with a light blue thread color which make this gloves more elegant. The gloves are new soft and high quality and it is manufactured of the best deerskin from Finland. Learn mehr

  7. Women's Rabbit fur lined Winter Gloves

    Women's Rabbit fur lined Winter...

    80,00 €

    Women's Rabbit fur lined Winter Gloves The glove it is full lined with super soft rabbit fur lining, it is a new model and it is perfect for winter. The leather is high quality sheepskin. Learn mehr

  8. Women's warmest winter shearling gloves

    Women's warmest winter shearling...

    100,00 €

    Warmest Winter Gloves made of Shearling Leather. It takes 6 - 8 hours to make each pair. The human touch provides a clean finishing detail unlike machine work. Cotton-poly thread for maximum strength and durability. Tick Italian Shearling one of the best material for gloves. Unique detail that improves fit and warmth while keeping the warmth in and the... Learn mehr

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