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Winter Gloves Leather. Huge selection of warm winter gloves lined.

Winter Gloves

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  1. Women's Peccary Winter Gloves By Hungant

    Women's Peccary Winter Gloves By...

    175,00 €

    Women Peccary Leather Gloves. The glove is made of genuine peccary leather. The gloves are new with rabbit fur lining. The leather has incredible softness. The gloves are hand sewn and high quality. Learn mehr

  2. Women's Simple Peccary Leather Gloves Unlined

    Women's Simple Peccary Leather...

    139,00 €

    Women's genuine Peccary leather gloves unlined the coolest accessory. The gloves have incredible softness amazing look and extreme durability. The gloves are new with hand sewing and high quality. Please check our feedbacks on ebay and etsy. Learn mehr

  3. Women's warmest winter shearling gloves

    Women's warmest winter shearling...

    100,00 €

    Warmest Winter Gloves made of Shearling Leather. It takes 6 - 8 hours to make each pair. The human touch provides a clean finishing detail unlike machine work. Cotton-poly thread for maximum strength and durability. Tick Italian Shearling one of the best material for gloves. Unique detail that improves fit and warmth while keeping the warmth in and the... Learn mehr

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